Centro Monda 4
6528 Camorino

The company Adriatica is located in Camorino / Ticino, the Italian part of Switzerland.

One of Adriatica’s main goals is to create new designs and models that are perfectly tailored to the changing styles of our generation while keeping prices competitive.

Adriatica offers Swiss watches from dress to chronograph models. The company specializes in gold, gold plated, PVD plated, titanium and steel watches. Adriatica produces both mechanical and automatic self-lifting models, which are powered by ETA & SELITA clocks. Adriatica has a wide range of quartz watches with high-tech clocks such as Ronda, ETA & ISA.

Adriatica, as a brand, is closely linked to Swiss watchmaking.
The Swiss watch company created the brand in 1931 and began the production of Adriatica watches.

In 1962, the Adriatica factory moved to Biel / Bienne & Basel in Switzerland. Here they continued to produce ladies and gentlemen’s watches, specializing in the classic gilded range. This is also the time period as the new, revolutionary collection of masters “Adriatica World Champion” emerged.

Since 1999, Adriatica watches have been manufactured in their own watchmaking company in Dongio. In 2010 the company moved to Camorino / Ticino. Great effort and concentration has been put into the perfection of the production processes and the improvement of the design of already existing models. The implementation of new technologies and the creation of modern watchmaking art has become one of the most important objectives.

Today, Adriatica enjoys an internationally recognized brand in many countries such as the UK, USA, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Hungary, Egypt.

Since December 2006 Adriatica has been a member of the Association of the Swiss Watch Industry.

“Swiss Made” embodies a concept of the highest quality, accuracy, reliability in combination with the elegance and originality of the design. This is exactly what Adriatica is all about.

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