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From the beginning of 1883, Alpina was connected with horological innovation. Whether it was the innovative way to create an excellent work environment, or by introducing new quality control criteria before each other, Alpina has always sought ways to improve how it goes.

He was convinced that Alpina would be successful worldwide for the quality, durability, precision and design of its watches. He wanted to give the athletes, engineers, technicians and adventurers the ideal watch. Hauser has implemented his vision with the introduction of the “Alpina 4” concept in 1938. This year Hauser revolutionized the sports watch by imposing the four essential principles for every watch, which was to be regarded as a real “sports watch”. He insisted that a sports watch had to have each of the following four features:

Anitmagnetic, Antishock, Waterproof, Steel

By strict adherence to these principles and characteristics, the legendary “Alpina 4” watches became the timekeep of choice for alpinists, air force pilots, divers, the navy and the military.

In all areas where absolute reliability was crucial to carry out a mission, an “Alpina 4” became the main stage of a reliable time measurement. The sustained adherence to the truly innovative “Alpina 4” production requirements saw an incomparable success until the 1970s, when the so-called “quartz crisis” strongly impacted Swiss watchmakers. In the 1920s, Alpina was already sold in over 2,000 sales outlets worldwide, an extraordinary figure for these days. It is no exaggeration to say that Alpina was one of the first leading manufacturers of Swiss watches. Today the ideals and innovations on which the Alpina was founded remain alive in our Geneva production, where we make professional sports watches to the most demanding standards.

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