Antoine Preziuso

Antoine Preziuso

Quai des Bergues 29
1201 Genève

In the midst of their Italian name, which means “precious”, four members and two generations of the Antoine Antoine Preziuso clan – Antoine himself, his wife May, son Florian watchmaker and daughter Laura Jeweellery & Designers – each an invaluable valuable contribution to the art of keeping and beautifying time.

Technical knowledge and artistic sensitivity
Antoine trained at the Geneva watchmaking school and completed a diploma top result in 1978 as a restorer and practicing watchmaker.

Responsible for the workshop at Patek Philippe, which was then requested by the renowned Horologie auctioneer Antiquorum, he opened his own workshop in Geneva and became a member of the “Cabinotiers de Genève”, an association of the early days of watchmaking.

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