Bernecker Uhren Werke

Feffetstrasse 14
CH-9464 Rüthi

Is an independent watch brand, operated by Bridgeward AG.

Founded in Sankt Gallen 2016

Creation of Timers

For us it is more than just a job, it is a passion.
A passion that grows with the times.
Time is the motor that expresses our creativity that moves our work forward. Time passes, and so do our creations. But the path we follow is continuous. Passion leads us, this is their real role over time.

Our team of ‘Createurs d’Horlogerie’ invents, develops and manufactures timepieces.
For her!

Together with our customers we develop the right concept for the right dream clock or a planned watch collection. Bernecker Uhrenwerke takes over the responsibility during the complete development and production, up to the day of the delivery. For BUW, it is a matter of honor to keep something in the forefront, which the big brands sometimes lose sight of: the customer in his personal individuality!

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