Certina AG

Chemin des Tourelles 17
CH-2400 Le Locle

Certina was founded in 1888, when Adolf and Alfred Kurth opened their first set in Grenchen and supplied the factory for the watch industry. At the beginning, the Certina employees consisted of three employees who worked in a workshop that was connected to the family home. Certina did not begin with the manufacture of complete watches and watches for a few years, which they then produced besides their work movements for other companies. In 1938, the company had expanded and 250 employees celebrated the 50th anniversary of the company Certina already known as pioneers.

Certina further expand and by 1955 the company had 500 employees working between the factory and offices, producing 1,000 watches each day. Certina worked on a new business plan, which has expanded its operations and was then regarded as the most modern and best-equipped watchmaker in the world.

In 1972, Certina employed 900 people and produced 600,000 watches every year. The company was ranked first in most major jewelery shops and received both the International Diamonds Awards and the Golden Rose. At this time, Certina produced 375,000 watch components each day and used 53,000 rubies.

In 1983, Certina became a member of the SMH Group (Swatch).

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