Chrono AG

Weissensteinstrasse 49
4502 Solothurn

In 1982 Theo Ingold founded the independent family-owned Swiss watch factory Chrono AG in Solothurn. In 1999 the company-owned watch brand COVER was launched.

COVER watches are a symbol of innovative watch design matched to the pulse of the time. The brand was born out of the intention to offer sophisticated, trendy and high quality Swiss Made watches at the best affordable price.

Whether elegant or classic sports, its collection attaches great importance to forms and materials with a strong identity. In fact, all over the world COVER watches are very appreciated for those of tasteful design, while displaying clever materials. Each individual model expresses the perfect harmony between form and function. In all our endeavors, we attach great importance to the creation of unique watches that give them a beautiful piece of individuality.

Our established team with experience, expertise and wit is devoted daily to creating unique watches that show a successful combination of tradition and modernity.

Today, COVER is present in more than 40 countries worldwide, making it a truly convincing international brand.

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