CrossCrowdFunding – how 3 Swiss watch companies support each other on kickstarter

Kickstarter – a platform for startups, is used by many watchmakers to present new watch collections.

Usually these are smaller companies without the necessary budget to exhibit at the annual Baselworld, for example, where a small stand costs 80,000 francs.

There is a great competitive pressure in the watch industry as well, the market is fiercely competitive and a new watch brand is usually only observed in the big media when it ends a successful crowdfunding campaign with a very high number of supporters. Many of the new companies are based in the USA or Japan, China and Singapore. Young Swiss watchmakers are often ignored and the large watch portals from overseas such as Watchuseek, Watchtime or Hodinkee report only against payment or when they are trademarks which are e.g. The Swatch Group or Richemont.

The global media is full of editorial contributions on brands such as Breitling and Rolex, Tag Heuer and others of the big players, but little attention is paid to the small watchmakers in the reporting.

A young watchmaker who starts a crowdfunding campaign for his new watch collection on platforms like kickstarter or Indiegogo usually lacks the funds to invest in expensive purchased guest articles or press releases.

In order to gain more attention for there Kickstarter campaigns, 3 young Swiss watch companies, who have all started a campaign on Kickstarter for their new watch collections, have now joined together and chosen a new type of promotion!

“You give me, i give you” is the motto here, there is no competition against the competitors here.

The models of the Swiss manufacturers that have chosen this route are very different and there should be something for every watch enthusiast.

CrossCrowdFunding is the concept that has now been launched. The goal is to inform visitors and supporters, who are on the campaigns of the respective “fellow” bidders, about the campaigns of the other partners. A fairly simple, effective and meaningful way to bundle visitor flows and present this a selection of different watch collections from Switzerland.

Here is an overview of the participants of this new “joint venture”:

Zahnd & Kormann

Offers a collection of automatic watches, based on the ETA Valjoux 7751 movement. As a chronograph with moon phase and calendar at a price of only 899 CHF.

The kickstarter project of Zahnd & Kormann goes along here:


Giacomo Cortes

Offers a classically modern Unisex watch collection. Ronda movement, sapphire glass as well as a leather, Nato and Milanese strap at an unbeatable entry price of only 129 CHF.

The kickstarter project of Giacomo Cortes is here:



The Lariana CentoMiglia offshore timer with a Ronda analog watch is limited to 750 watches and leather and nato bracelet at a price of only CHF 229.

Lariana’s kickstarter project is here:

“Together we are strong”, hope all stakeholders and we wish them too!

Justin Levine for Swiss Watches News

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Swiss Made

The term "SwissMade" is a distinction of origin for Swiss watch products. Concepts such as Made in Switzerland, Fabriqué en Suisse or Made in Switzerland could lead to problems due to the length and blanks as markings on watch dials. At present, Swiss law allows the names: Suisse, produitsuisse, fabriqué en Suisse, qualité suisse. As well as translations such as Swiss, Swiss Made, or Swiss Movement.

The term is found on many Swiss watches, usually on the dial.

A watch is considered a Swiss watch, if its work is Swiss, its factory is switched on in Switzerland, the manufacturer carries out the final inspection of the watch in Switzerland and at least 60% of the production costs are incurred in Switzerland.

The reputation of Swiss watches is unrivaled worldwide. Impeccable quality, aesthetic characteristics, know-how, technical innovation: the indication Swiss made guarantees all this and much more.

Two words that, in combination with prestigious brands, provide the best choice for consumers looking for a very high quality timepiece.