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Boesch 41
6331 Huenenberg

Born in Besançon, the historical clock capital of France, 1969, Emmanuel Dietrich made a long love relationship with watches. Influenced by the culture of masterly design and technique of the birthplace, Emmanuel went to Paris to formalize his design education.

Graduated from the prestigious Parisian Design School, the Ecole Boulle with a diploma in interior design, Mr. Dietrich’s creative efforts led him into the world of product design.

After 20 years of designing for some of the most important brands in the world, Mr. Dietrich wanted to enlarge his artistic scope and invite his audience into his own universe.

As a designer, an object-obsessed daydreamer, you spend your life collecting visual impressions. His mind and imagination are saturated with images and experiences that echoed and ultimately mixed the foundations for my designs. This was the case during the conception of ORGANIC TIME.

The ORGAN TIME is the translation of my unique world. It is the expression of his desire for balance, a balance between feelings, forms, sensations and pleasure. It is the culmination of its design signature: delicate but bold, powerful and yet sensual.
The ORGANIC TIME is more than a desirable object; It is a tool that speaks the same organic language as our bodies.

This is the philosophy that the ORGAN TIME produces, an organically different watch.

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