Montres Edox et Vista S.A.

2714 Les Genevez

Montres Edox et Visa SA is a Swiss manufacture of luxury wrist watches, which operates under the Era Watch Company. Christian Ruefli-Flury, a watchmaker from Grenchen, Switzerland, founded the company in 1884 in Biel / Bienne. Edox has remained in continuous production since its inception.

Ruefli-Flury used the ancient Greek word Edox as a trademark and designed the “1900” hourglass as a visual symbol for the company’s brand. Robert Kaufman-Hug took over the company when Ruefli-Flury died in 1921. He introduced the transition of the company from pocket watches to the first watch-exclusive watchmaker.

By 1955, the company employed 500 people and moved into a new factory. The dolphin series of watches, which were launched in 1961, with industry-wide first double-case backs for high demands on shock protection, water resistance and robustness. The Hydrosub line was started in 1963 with the first crown system with a clamping ring with a watertightness of 500 meters. In 1965, Victor Flury-Liechti took over the company from his uncle and invested in new manufacturing technologies. This led to the 1960 Geoscope watch, the first watch covering all time zones. In 1973 the third generation of the dolphin was released. It used elements from the Gerald Genta-designed Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

With the rise of Japanese watches and the quartz crisis in the 1970s, the company became a subsidiary of the General Watch Company, a subholding of ASUAG. As part of the move, Technos and Certina were relocated to Biel / Bienne Edox. At the end of the downturn in the Swiss watchmaking industry in 1983, Edox gained independence when the company was sold to Victor Strambini Montres Vista SA and moved to Les Geneveys, the Jura mountains. It has remained a family business ever since. The Edox Les Bémonts Ultra Slim was released in 1998. With a movement of 1.4 mm, it still holds the record for the smallest calendar clock.

The dolphin line was restarted in 2013 with a new model based on the 1973 edition. In 2014, the company celebrated its 130th anniversary by publishing updated, limited edition versions of its Geoscope, Les Bémonts and Hydrosub watches.
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