G J von Burg


Industriestrasse 37a
2555 Brügg

A legendary figure among the Swiss watchmakers, George Josef von Burg (1914-1986), created many new standards, which were later adopted by other companies.

In the course of his life, Mr. von Burg concentrated on four basic principles: quality, precision, longevity and affordability. These principles remain the hallmarks of our company and carry out the decisions we make.

Under the guardianship of his watchmaker, George Josef von Burg learned early on the careful craftsmanship of watchmaking. In his 20’s, he showed a unique ability to produce and sell his own private label collection of mechanical watches.

In 1947, Mr. von Burg began selling his watches all over Europe under the registered trademark GEO Automatic. During the 1950s he moved to America with his family to set up a production facility that was designed to produce watch-related components for the US market. Shortly thereafter, he acquired a Swiss company to produce watches for other Swiss watch brands.

After the takeover and his later return to Switzerland Mr. von Burg renamed the new company SEMAG. Under his leadership, the company became a major producer of watches and pin-lever movements in Switzerland. This factory was the first to produce a mechanical watch movement under a properly designed and fully organized assembly line, since before this innovation all movement assembly was handled by a watchmaker from start to finish.

In 1961, George Josef von Burg established the CLARO Watch SA for the production of mechanical pin-lever movements and watches.

SEMAG and CLARO have become two of the largest companies in the mechanical movement industry, whose movements and watches have been sold worldwide under different brand names.

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