Glycine Watch S.A.

Ring 18, P.O. Box 6044
CH-2502 Biel/Bienne

From the founding of Eugène Meylan in 1914, Glycine in Bienne, Switzerland, continuously produced fine Swiss watches.

Meylan was an uncompromising watchmaker who strived for perfection and nothing else. He had a deep understanding of both the demands of the market and the great possibilities of the technological advances of his time.

A century has passed and more than 100 years after the creation of its first Glycine watch, Meylan’s spirit continues to live! Glycine burns its own path more than ever, producing unmistakable clocks based on the unique DNA developed by Meylan, always outside the mainstream.

Today, Glycine is one of the real pioneers of air and world time clocks for pilots and frequent travelers.

Since its founding in 1914, Glycine has been a family business that has always been run by charismatic entrepreneurs full of passion for outstanding solutions in the Swiss watch industry.

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