JS Unikat

JS Unikatuhren

Dahlienweg 11

German value combined with Swiss precision. The motto of the small watchmakers from Othmarsingen in Switzerland. Luxury watches in small editions to personal unique watches. Pilot watches, single-hand watches, chronographs and similar. With attention to detail and fascination with mechanics.

Watchmaker and owner Joerg Schaefer of the small Othmarsinger watchmaker JS Unikatuhren says “We try to make as much as possible in our workshop ourselves, and always pay attention to the fact that we use old, partly already almost forgotten craftsmanship techniques.”

JS Unikatuhren uses only Swiss movements, which are elaborately refined. Finishing work on the movements include stripes, sunspots, perlage, edging, blackpolitics, skeletal, thermal bluishings, gilding, rhodium plating and much more.
All works, which take a lot of love to detail, even weeks, and as a result create a work of art.

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