Nord Zeitmaschine

Nord Zeitmaschine

Grienstrasse 70
4227 Büsserach

NORD points geographically to northern Switzerland, where Daniel Nebel was born in 1971 and since 1998 has been manufacturing his watches under the brand name NORD Zeitmaschine, in addition his initials N, D are integrated into this word.

Since various influences from the mechanical engineering sector can be found in his watches and he began his professional career with a mechanical mechanics apprenticeship, Zeitmaschine emerged as the second part of the brand name.

After several years of professional activity in prototyping machine construction and toolmaking, combined with various foreign assignments, he started studying and manufacturing wrist watches in 1995, parallel to the profession. 3 years later in 1998, the first watch was then completed under the name NORD Zeitmaschine.

Over the following years, he expanded his knowledge of mechanical watches and continued to expand his workshop. At the beginning, he mainly produced the components of the case, dials, crowns, pushers, screws and washers for his watches, and further development of parts, such as gears, Have been added.

The high production depth makes it possible for Daniel Nebel to develop complex watches such as the VARIOCURVE, from the design through the manufacture of the components to the assembly independently in the own workshop.

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