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Patek Philippe is a Swiss watchmaker, founded in 1851 in Geneva and the Vallée de Joux. It designs and manufactures watches and watch movements, including some of the most complicated mechanical watches in the world. It is regarded by many experts and lovers as one of the most prestigious watch manufacturers. Among the owners of Patek Philippe watches are Pope Pius IX, Queen Victoria, Victor Emanuel III of Italy, Christian IX of Denmark.

The Polish watchmaker Antoni Patek started in Geneva in 1839 with his Czech partner Franciszek Czapek. They parted in 1844, and in 1845 Patek joined the French watchmaker Adrien Philippe, the inventor of the keyless winding mechanism. Patek Philippe & amp; Co was founded in 1851. Patek Philippe popularized the perpetual calendar, split second hand, chronographs and minute repeaters in watches.

In 1935, the manufacturer was taken to American markets by the New York Henri Sternwatch Agency, where he was sold as a sister brand alongside Universal Genève. Alan Banbery, who previously designed Universal’s “Compax” clocks and was a horologist for London’s Garrard & amp; Co, would assume the position of the director of sales in 1965 and later authored official reference books on vintage Patek Philippe pocket watches and chronographs.

In 1976, the Swiss watchmaker introduced the Nautilus collection, after having decided that it was also time to produce an exclusive sports watch with surfaces of the highest quality. “The new model played a key role in Patek’s overall marketing strategy, as it had to re-brand the branding tradition, with the goal being represented by dynamic new-generation executives.”

Like other Swiss manufacturers, the company mainly produces mechanical clocks of automatic and manual sort, but in the past it has produced and is currently doing quartz watches. The company even produced a digital watch.

Patek was one of 20 Swiss watch companies who developed the first Swiss production watch, which has been used by other manufacturers in watches such as the Omega Electroquartz watches.

Patek Philippe is characterized by the manufacture of its own watch components.

Patek Philippe watches have earned high prizes in international auctions. A small part of the demand for auction pieces is driven by Patek Philippe himself to add the collection of the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva.

In 2010, the company produced 40,000 watches. According to Thierry Stern in 2012, they produced 50,000.

The company has been owned by the Stern family since 1932 and since the end of the 2000s under the leadership of Philippe Stern and his son Thierry Stern, who took over the reins of his father in 2010.

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