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Since 2005, a new era of Picard & Cie revived this prestigious watchmark and brought it to the heights of Picard & Cie has never seen. After a period of ten years, this treasured company, whose roots have begun in Switzerland, has come to life again with a huge collection of pieces. The epic story of how Picard & Cie is one that contains an abundance of dramatic twists and turns, worthy of a great literary novel.

This story begins in 1895, when a small watch company in Switzerland registered trademarks for their new line of watches, watch parts and packaging. Rumors had fled already 1848 under the name “Meyer Freres” around the country as the creation of the enterprise. Is it really important Despite the rumors, this new manufacturer of watches has grown for a long time. Only at the end of the 19th century did the prestige of ‘Picard & Cie ‘cultivate and mature to the point of making it potentially internationally known … and some would say it was worth the wait.

As with any manufacturing company, the turn of a new century can be either a blessing or a bust, especially for one who creates a product based on the time calculation. And yet, to virtually no one’s surprise, Picard & Cie, the change effortless to cope. In fact, the turn of the twentieth century was a true wind of change when the company took two other failing watchmakers under its wing, including many of their brands and designs. And so Picard & Cie continued with his head high and his brand increased to an even higher level.

After the merger of new brands and designs, Picard & amp; Cie with an updated image and brand. In 1915, the company, known today as “Fabrique Germinal – Picard & Cie”, began a campaign that produced advertisements that claimed the creation of “The Most Advantageous of Repeating Watches”. In fact, the company has produced and sold all kinds of innovative watches, including some of the first wrist watches, ultra-flat pocket watches and chronographs.

Also real pioneers of sports watches in the early 20th century, Picard & Cie has created a variety of special timepieces for its driver, aviation, engineering and medical users. In the course of time the ambition continued to drive the technology of time measurement. To satisfy this growing demand, the company introduced its own series of calendar clocks, pocket chronometers, chronographs and tachymeters. From 1918 Picard & Cie continues to create innovative watch designs for both men and women alike.

As with many stories in this day and age, this story has no happy ending. Finally, watchmakers from Switzerland and Japan also offered breakthrough opportunities in watch technology. Since many other companies had been merged for many years, Picard & Cie mid-’60s forced to merge with other watch companies to survive. But the name that so many had been familiar for decades was gone.

Now we welcome a brand new story in the saga and the legacy of Picard & Cie. A whole new century on us, and the ever-growing imagination that provides us with brand new advances in watch technology. But we can not forget the ancestors who provide the source through which our own dreams have evolved. Picard & Cie is therefore reintroduced into a new group of enthusiasts who appreciate all the patience and hard work that goes into creating a spectacular watch.

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