Rodania Marketing S.A.

Schwarzenburgstrasse 265
3098 Köniz

Time. So incomprehensible, but so much a part of our everyday world. A leading actor with no personality. A constant role in our daily conversations. Always aware that the time is over, we try to capture it by giving it a face. The face of a Rodania watch … ‘

A Swiss brand with a proven reputation, Rodania has produced the best watches ever since it was founded in 1930. Since then, Rodania has always been a brand that respects the nature of the watch industry. Nevertheless, over the years the brand proved to be contemporary and creative, without following any volatile fashion trend. It has always been an important issue for the company to strive for the best price for quality. In addition, the company is always inventive when it comes to the product, uncompromising when it comes to quality.

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