Tissot S.A.

Chemin des Tourelles 17
2400 Le Locle

Tissot was founded in 1853 by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Émile Tissot in the Swiss town of Le Locle in the Neuchâtel region of the Jura mountains.

Tissot presented the first bulk-goods pocket watch, as well as the first pocket watch with two time zones in 1853 and the first antimagnetic watch 1929-30. Charles-Emile Tissot went for Russia in 1858 and managed to sell her savonnette pocket watches over the Russian Empire. The Tissot company was also the first to be made of plastic (IDEA 2001, 1971), stone (the Alpine Granite RockWatch in 1985), mother-of-pearl (the 1987 pearl clock) and wood (the Holzuhr 1988) .Tissot merged with the Omega watch , The family manufactures in 1930 and Tissot Omega watches from this era are searched by collectors.

Tissot has been a member of Swatch Group AG, the world’s largest watchmaker and distributor since 1983. Still in Le Locle, Switzerland and marketed in 160 countries around the world. Tissot watches are currently classified by Swatch Group as a “mid-range market” products.

Tissot is an official timekeeper for the world championships in cycling, motorcycling, fencing and ice hockey and was used for the Davis Cup 1957 and downhill skiing in Switzerland in 1938. Tissot was also a major sponsor for the Formula 1 teams Lotus, Renault and Sauber. Tissot’s first engagement as an official timekeeper was 1938, where they held a series of ski races in Villar, near the home of the company in the Jura Mountains.

For early events, handheld stopwatches were sufficient to provide official times. Today, Tissot works with various sports organizations to develop systems to produce more and more precise timing for specific events. In competitive cycling, for example, the sensors are placed on bicycles and the route, which are then linked by computers to provide lane times and performance data.

Tissot introduced his first tactile clock with “T-Touch” technology in 1999; Watches with this technology have a touch-sensitive sapphire crystal to control various functions such as compasses, barometers, altimeters and thermometers. The latest models of the T-Touch series. The T-Touch Expert Solar and T-Touch Lady Solar has 25 functions.

Tissot watches were worn by Sarah Bernhardt, singer Carmen Miranda, Elvis Presley, Grace Kelly, Banassim Kassim and Nelson Mandela. James Stewart wore a Tissot watch in the back window. The Indian actor Kamal Hassan was wearing a Tissot watch in the Tamil movie “Dasavatharam”. Deepika Padukone has been a brand ambassador in India since 2007. T-Touch watches were worn by Angelina Jolie in the films Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life and Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

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