Titoni Ltd.

Schützengasse 18
CH-2540 Grenchen

Titoni Ltd. Is a Swiss watchmaker, founded in 1919 by Fritz Schluep in the Swiss watch town Grenchen. The company, which is now owned by the third generation of its founding family, currently employs around 60 employees in finance and accounting, purchasing, sales and production departments.

Titoni manufactures watches in the middle price range. Almost all watches have mechanical movements that are assembled by hand. This family business combines the art of traditional watchmaking skills with the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

The watch brand Titoni is well-known in Switzerland by watch experts in particular as a quality brand with an excellent price-performance ratio. For historical reasons, the traditional family business focuses on working on international markets. Titoni has been very strong in Asia for many years. This Swiss SME has been present in China for more than half a century.

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