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VICENTERRA is about a human adventure, the adventure of Vincent Plomb, a man for challenges and entrepreneurship. It is also a journey in which the steps are as important as the destination and a journey, which is the essence of human relationships. But above all VICENTERRA is a homage to the history of mankind, which can be summed up with verbs to dare to surpass, to discover, to reach and to convey.

As a micromechanical designer, Vincent was introduced into the horological exteriors by the 2D and 3D concept. This area, which brings technology and design together, gives him the opportunity to acquire a strong understanding of watchmaking. But the company for which he was working went bankrupt. Vincent decided to pursue this know-how and the critical mind in this area by working with many different watch brands. On 1 December 2003 Realis, the parent company of VICENTERRA, was born. I knew that the watch industry had gone through cycles, Vincent never ceased to be very active, and when he multiplied the number of contracts with the watch brands he studied and made some investigations that allowed him to outline his initial ideas about how A timepiece should be.

The project of creating a brand was presented when half a year later Vincent decided to be independent and to make an important encounter. This experience gave him the necessary impulses to design the first module with three complications.
Step by step, all ideas were organized and became clearer in order to give birth to the first prototypes. It took three years of work to realize the original idea. In March 2008, Vincent faced some problems related to the production of the watch. In fact, after prospecting several production vectors, a promising partnership ended suddenly because of a crisis in October 2008.
The project remained pending until June 2009, when the GMT-3 was created in Vincent’s mind. This model was inherited from the first prototypes and has become the cradle of the Mark concept. During this time, another production attempt ended unsuccessfully. In november 2009, the most important lines of the history of VICENTERRA were defined by human circumstances. It is around a table with some friends that the very special concept of the brand became clearer.

The interest expressed by the press in the press helped to strengthen the Vincent determinism, for which the success of his project was not questionable. The project had to be designed, and until February 2010, Vincent had to implement his creative spirit to create the design of the first GTM-3 model. Vincent emphasized the aesthetics of watchmaking as he wanted it exclusively. At the same time, the brand VICENTERRA was officially registered as a trademark.
The originality of the product has generated a unanimous interest in the public presentation. Getting a massive support from the pressure and the digital media, spread articles about the GMT-3 as a runfire. In April 2010, Vincent received about twenty pre-orders for the GMT-3, most buyers decided to buy it easy by watching the visuals or watching the 3D animation of the watch.

However, in order to ensure the viability of the brand, 70 pre-orders had to be placed. VICENTERRA has found the needed supports all over the world. From Chicago to Beijing via Sydney, Paris and Geneva, the number of pre-orders rose every day. The minimum number of pre-orders was reached in October 2010. The company VICENTERRA SA was finally born and the pre-orders were sent out.
Vincent’s dream has come true. In this dream where precision is important, Vincent does not rely on luck. The heart of adventure VICENTERRA is the love of perfectly mastered work. However, it was also the meeting with the right partners, which are able to ensure the production and the start of the product. Perfectionist, Vincent chose several partners. This choice was essentially based on the relationships that arose during this adventure.
Once the first parts of the watch have reached the tempo of VICENTERRA. The various gears, bridges and axles had to be tested by various stages and many treatments were obtained before they were assembled to give the final shape of the caliber GTM-3.

Each artistic expressions needs a context to assert itself and the caliber of the GMT-3 makes it a unique steel-tonneau case that has proportions, dimensions and surfaces as comfortable as to wear. A large cylindrical glass is placed above to provide a discreet reading of the functions of your watch.
The clock has a multi-dimensional dial, in which we can find different surfaces and where the earth globe divides its rotation with the sun-disc and the moon to display the day and night. The multidimensional characteristic of the dial is also expressed by its features. In fact, the GMT-3 has no less than five functions, including a retrograde date and a second timezone that expresses the full meaning for the word trip.

The world is great and offers an endless journey. No matter how we have decided, it is always borne by the necessity of exploration, freedom and sharing. The goal is personal enrichment. The Vicenterra watches follow you in this wonderful journey, which we call life, but also in your dreams and for a trip from the earth to the moon …

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